The following values represent a deeply held commitment for Hawkland and guide our attitudes and decision-making on a daily basis.

Core Values


To minimise our impact on the environment, and where possible improve it through our choice of materials and business practices.



We advocate a ‘knowledge-led approach’ to all the work we do. This isn’t just limited to explicit knowledge but includes and aims to encourage the value of tacit knowledge. 



Striving for quality should underpin all elements of our work - we actively create a space where a high standard of craftsmanship is encouraged and expected.



We strongly believe in creating a foundation of trust between Hawkland, our clients, our contractors and our suppliers. From this basis we can create a responsive, resilient and positive organisational structure. 


At the root of everything we do is transparency. As part of creating a social business we feel it’s important to be fully open and transparent about our business practices.



We exist today on the innovation of yesterday. By encouraging and facilitating innovation we hope we can play a part in shaping tomorrow.



No one should be excluded from our sites or any part of our company based on their background, race, religion, social status, sexual orientation or otherwise. 



As an extension of Trust we also operate from a basis of being open to collaboration. We are willing to share and collaborate with any client or company that shares these same values.



Delivering sustainable projects, focusing on materials that have a low ecological impact and helping to create healthier indoor environments.


Vision Statement

To lead in ecological and scientific methods of construction. To help develop a built environment that fits within a circular economy, is environmentally sustainable and provides user-centric solutions.

Mission Statement

To provide architectural and construction services, and facilitate innovation in the industry. We integrate natural and appropriate materials where possible, operating with a strong social and ethical core to deliver appropriate, knowledge-led solutions to our clients

Values Statement

To create a wholesome culture of hard work, quality and balance. Valuing life in its entirety, in and out of work. We deeply believe that working in the built environment is an industry to be proud of across all disciplines and trades.