Hawkland | Ecological Construction

Specialising in the use of natural and traditional materials for renovation and new build.

Bristol | South West UK

Innovation. Responsibility. Trust.

We provide project management and construction services with a focus on integrating natural and appropriate materials where possible. We operate with a strong social and ethical core to deliver appropriate, knowledge-led solutions to our clients. We are a company that actively fosters a working environment that is safe, positive, inclusive and that supports innovation and co-operation.

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We are part of a growing movement of builders, designers, architects and academics looking for appropriate, sustainable solutions within the construction industry. We come from a background in academic studies combined with grass-roots practical experience in working with natural materials. This balance of disciplines puts us in a strong position to lead on innovative projects.

We work on a range of projects from small renovations to larger new-build developments. Collaborating within a network of like-minded people we are able to bring in the right person or team for the job.

Hawkland Ecological Construction Ltd.

Co-Directors and Founders, Chris Hawker & David Copeland


New build

We provide a range of services from consultancy and support project management on Assisted Self-Builds, to coming in as specialist subcontractors to install specific elements during the construction phase. Commonly on timber-framed, straw bale homes this takes the form of constructing the weather-tight shell - installing the carpentry, straw bale walls, and clay and lime plastering elements or timber cladding to protect the structure.



We have worked on a range of traditional, heritage and listed properties as well as more recently built homes. A good knowledge and understanding of the building fabric, materials science, occupant behaviour and the complexities of working on existing properties helps us deliver projects to a high standard using appropriate materials in a timely manner.



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